Weight Loss Simplified

Dr. Alan Inglis, the creator of the Fat Burning System, has developed a unique weight loss plan that doesn’t involve starving yourself. His strategies for getting fit and trim are as easy as they are effective.

Strategies like limiting the time during which you eat to an 8-10 hour daily window. By adhering to the GOLDEN HOURS plan, studies have concluded that the 14-16 hours of overnight fasting can improve your digestion and increase your likelihood of shedding the unwanted weight you’re hoping to lose.

Dr. Inglis has a number of easy to follow tips to help you lose weight that include drinking green tea. It is enriched with potent antioxidants called catechins that enhance fat burning and weight loss.

Click here to discover more of Dr. Inglis’ smart weight loss ideas. And don’t forget to drink your green tea!

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