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The End of Dementia

Almost 40 per cent of Americans, over the age of 65, experience some form of age-associated memory loss.

But a US, military whistleblower says normal age-related memory impairment is exasperated by a military/industrial experiment that went disastrously off the rails.

The high ranking officer said an accident involving the aluminium industry and army in 1946 resulted in the spread of a toxic agent called “AIF3.”

According to the confession, scientists working on behalf of the Federal government have since developed the M9 protocol that flushes the toxin from the brain.

Unfortunately the Fed refuses to release the truth about this innovative therapy because, in so doing, the government and aluminium industry would have to admit that they are responsible for the agonising deaths of millions of people around the world who succumbed to Alzheimer’s. Just imagine the lawsuits!

Fortunately, since the whistleblower has come forward, the M9 Protocol is slowly being leaked to the public.

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