How To Not Overeat At Thanksgiving

The end of November strikes fear into the hearts of many dieters. With the arrival of Thanksgiving and the Yuletide festivities that follow, there is a real danger that your waistline might expand exponentially.

So if you don’t want Thanksgiving to turn into a catastrophe that undermines the healthy eating routine you’ve been following, here is a proven tip to help you navigate the Thanksgiving feasting.

It is easy to mistake dehydration for hunger. That’s why drinking water throughout the Thanksgiving merriment will help to ensure your signals don’t become blurred. Drinking plenty of water, or tea before a meal fills your stomach, and ensures that you eat less.

Another tip for maintaining your weight during the Holiday season involves a recent scientific discovery that is changing the diet landscape and how people lose weight. It is another option that can help you manage Holiday overindulgence. A tiny molecule, known as a Omega-7, is blowing scientists away, and enabling people to drop the pounds they never thought they would lose.

When researchers at Harvard put this supercharged Omega molecule into contact with fat cells, the fat cells did something that made the researchers’ jaws drop. The fat cells began to melt away!

Watch this video to learn more about how this Omega 7 nutrient can boost your metabolism and spare you from a Holiday weight gain.