Eat Less This Thanksgiving

The end of November can be a dark time if you’re trying to watch your weight. From Thanksgiving through to New Years, it’s all about feasts, and partying. As a consequence your waistline is in danger of expanding.

So if you don’t want Thanksgiving to be a catalyst that results in some serious weight-gain, here is a proven tip to help you navigate the Holiday feasting.

Avoid the appetizer table. If you’re at a Thanksgiving Celebration avoid the pre-meal shrimp plates, cold cuts and cheese. By indulging, you’ll increase your likelihood of overeating, especially if you follow up with a full plate of turkey, gravy and all the fixings.

Another tip for maintaining your weight during the Holidays involves a new scientific discovery that is changing the dieting landscape and how people lose weight. It is another option to help you manage Holiday overindulgence.

A tiny molecule, known as a Omega-7, is blowing scientists away and enabling people to lose a few inches from their waistline.

When researchers at Harvard introduced this supercharged Omega molecule into contact with fat cells, the fat cells did something that made the researchers do a double-take. The fat cells began to disintegrate!

Watch this video to learn more about how this Omega 7 nutrient can boost your metabolism and spare you from a Holiday nightmare.

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