Blood Sugar Valentine’s Day Magic

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, unless its chocolate. That’s pretty solid advice, unless you’re a diabetic. Then such an approach to chocolate can have some pretty serious blood glucose consequences.

That’s why, despite chocolate being the quintessential Valentine’s gift, it’s not necessarily the healthiest way to express your love to a diabetic. So, if your trying to maintain control of your blood glucose levels, alternatives to chocolates are an excellent option.

So this Valentine’s Day, take in a movie, go to a spa, or indulge in an evening of dancing. All are healthier choices than chocolate or a rich, and indulgent meal out on the town.

Another helpful way to manage manage your diabetes involves an amazing lab mistake that stunned researchers when they discovered that their error effectively lowers blood sugar levels.

Watch this video to learn about this surprising lab mistake and how it can help you better manage your your blood sugar.

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