Blood Sugar, Thanksgiving Tip

This time of the year is all about family and friends. Although Thanksgiving celebrations are a time of joy, the Holiday can also cast a shadow across the hearts and minds of diabetics.

Navigating all the Thanksgiving feasting demands vigilance if you want to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

With that in mind, a proven trick that helps diabetics when faced with a big Holiday meal is as simple as it is effective.

Celebrations often translate into late nights. If you cut back on your sleep it can make it harder to control your blood sugar. When you’re tired, you seek energy by eating more high-fat, high-sugar food. So to avoid the overeating trap, make sure you get plenty of sleep leading up to the big day.

Also, in order to survive the Holidays, you need learn about this amazing lab mistake that surprised researchers when they discovered that their mishap can effectively lower blood sugar levels.

Watch this video to learn about this inspiring lab error and how it can help you better manage your blood sugar. And don’t forget to get plenty of sleep this Holiday Season.

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