A sex and cancer correlation

The average American will have the most sex of their lives around the age of 25, according to a recent study. People in their 20s, researchers concluded, have sex more than 80 times per year. By 65 that number falls to 20.

That means the belief that the elderly are not enjoying sex is false. Whether we want to admit it or not our parents and grandparents are getting down and doing it, albeit less often than their children and grandchildren.

Although seniors may have sex less often, researchers suggest that love making gets better as we get older. An accumulation of life experiences generally results in an accompanying self-confidence that can increase sexual enjoyment amongst golden-agers.

Survey after survey confirms that the elderly cherish physical intimacy and believe that it contributes to greater life-satisfaction.

Unfortunately, a medical warning has been issued regarding a particular type of sexual behaviour that can cause cancer. It is especially concerning for sexually active men and women over the age of 60.

If you are a senior citizen who is sexually active… you are an inspiration! But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the cancer risk that sex can trigger!

Watch the Video Here and learn how to maximise both the joy and safety associated with physical intimacy.

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